Advantages and Disadvantages of Voip Fax

Advantages of Voip Fax

No software to download or hardware is necessary,
Eliminating the need to buy a fax machine that only takes up    space in your house, and requires ink cartridges

It is private. Voip Faxes are sent and received directly in your email inbox and they don't need to be seen by the others while sitting idly in the paper tray of fax machine.

Flexible and Convenient,The service can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The only pre-requisite is to have the internet connection. The services cannot be restricted to any physical location. It improves mobility and performance,

Always on.  With VOIP FAX, you can receive faxes whether your computer is on or off, No need to leave your PC on to receive faxes

 Lower Cost: Typically the monthly fee you pay an VOIP fax service is far less than the cost of a dedicated phone line.In addition:

        No extra telephone line is required for the fax 
    A toll free or local number is usually offered at no extra charge.   
     - No fax machine purchase
   Wherever you can access the internet you can check your faxes, even on your smart phone!

     -  No fax machine maintenance costs
     -  Included pages-per-month keep fax costs down
     -  No need to buy toner or paper.

Disadvantages of Voip Fax

1- There is a monthly fee for internet fax service 

2-You need to have internet access 

3- A scanner is needed for paper documents

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