Can I Send a Fax With VOIP

It is possible to send and receive a Fax over VoIP (FoIP), some VoIP providers have the ability to offer this functionality, however it needs to be set up correctly, FoIP poses some technical difficulties that have yet to be fully resolved,
-   The main difficulty is that FAX was designed for analog networks, and does not travel well over a VOIP network. The reason for this is that FAX communication uses the signal in a different way to regular voice communication,
- There have been many attempts to solve this problem 
       1-Methods like slowing down the speed of the data transmission
       2-using a specific codec are used by some VoIP service providers

If you’d like to try sending faxes over your VoIP connection first of all make sure that your VoIP service provider supports this function. If so, they will probably give you instructions about how to modify the settings of your VoIP devices.
 Some VoIP service providers may include EFAX service as part of their package
, EFAX allows you to send and receive faxes via e-mail By the following steps:
1-    documents need to be scanned into the computer before they are sent.
2-     The fax is sent as an e-mail attachment to the fax service
3-     which forwards it to a real fax machine
       The fax service company also provides you with a fax number where you can receive faxes. Any faxes sent to this number are converted to an e-mail attachment and sent to your preferred e-mail address.

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