How does faxing over e-mail work

Email Fax, is an online fax service that allows you to send and receive faxes as email attachments over the internet,this service allows you to have your own fax number to which others can send faxes,You then receive this fax like a normal email message,With faxes being delivered directly to your email box, you have no need for a separate fax machine, second phone line or any of the other things necessary to be able to receive faxes in the traditional way. The service is free for you to use, but people who send you faxes will be charged for calls ..
1- Receiving Internet faxes
When faxes are sent to your fax number the systems receive the fax and then converted it to an industry standard PDF file or  TIFF . TIFFs are universally supported by Windows PCs and Macs and will automatically open when you click on them.
The TIFF or PDF file is then attached to an email and sent to you at the email address you have assigned.
2- Sending Faxes 
You can send a fax from your email inbox without having to print documents for faxing by simply attaching the document that needs to be faxed to an email message.
The following procedure is simple and convenient and requires NO additional software to be installed on your computer.
to send a fax via your Internet fax service.
 First, you'll Open your email.
2- Create a new message, The process is exactly the same as you're sending out emails. The only different is that instead of email address, In the "To" field enter the destination Fax Number as"077985454146@servicefax.con".
The destination fax number must include the Country Code + Area Code + Number
3- Attach the fax document to your email message, as normal.
4-press 'send'  
an automated program converts the email to a fax format, then faxes to the number supplied in the fax-header. The recipient receives the fax normally, through fax machine.

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Informative site! Online fax provides you with a quick and easy way to utilize your home or work PC to send and receive faxes over the Internet. This works in a very similar way to emails, and data is streamed electronically in the form of a message with the document included as an attachment from one computer to another over the Internet. thanks a lot..

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