How To Send Fax over IP

FoIP, also called IP faxing, is a method of sending faxes over the Internet.
To fax over IP, you must find a voice-over-IP provider that support the T.38 data transmission protocol. You will then need to set the right settings and configuration for your VoIP line and then connect the phone line to your fax machine.
There are 3 ways you can send fax over an IP network, and which one you choose will depend on your actual situation and facilities, and the nature of your activities:
1-Using a fax gateway, through the T.38 protocol: the fax messages are sent and received at once, without having to wait and stored,Computers can be used to send faxes this way
        2-Using the fax-to-email method:  the fax message is scanned producing a binary image file, which can then be  sent to a  email addres as email attachment to  the fax service  which forwards it to a real fax machine.
3-Sending the fax over a VoIP channel: simply involves sending a fax message using a machine connected to a VoIP network.

 You can  send IP faxes using a VoIP server ,it  doesn’t automatically work seamlessly for transmitting faxes. It typically requires some modifications, which you can make by installing a piece of software. 

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