Is VOIP Completely Free

Free VoIP calls are never completely free of cost. Often, the goal is not to achieve completely free calls to all destinations, you will learn that most VoIP companies will let you talk for free in their own network, but will charge you for making calls outside their proprietary network.

With VoIP you have three options to make calls which involve computers and phones in the following combinations:
Three ways to make  voip calls

1-PC to PC (computer to computer) phone calls: here you use your computer to call some body with a computer at the other end.
2-PC to PHONE calls: use your computer to make a call which goes to a landline or mobile phone
3-PHONE to PHONE calls:you make a call from a telephone to a remote phone.

While Pc to Pc calling is always free, the other two options require you to pay call charges at fraction of what you are used to pay for the traditional phones. But there is a way to make free calls with these options also.

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