cisco 7960 7940 sip phone configuration and installation guide

The Cisco 7960 phone can be configured completely manually or in an automated way (over TFTP using boot option 66 from a router if desired).
The files required for this configuration can all be found on the cisco website, and the configuration guide is pretty easy to follow.

Now how to configure Cisco 7940 and 7960 SIP telephones 
1- It is possible to change the configuration of the Cisco only when the open padlock icon appears on the side of the selected menu.
2- To make the configuration of the telephone is accessible:
      -press “settings” for accessing the “SETTINGS” menu
      -press“Navigation” until you can see the “ Unlock Config” menu.
      -Confirm by pressing the “Softkey Select” and insert the password- the   default one is “cisco”- by using the keyboard. 
      -Confirm with the “Softkey Accept” 
3- Enable the DHCP client on the phone:
       -press “settings” for accessing the “SETTINGS” menu
       -Select the Network Configuration item from the settings menu
       -Scroll down to the option DHCP Enabled and set it to “YES”
If in your LAN are used static IP address, it is necessary to set with “NO” the “DHCP Enable” option

4-Insert your SIP account:
    -Select the SIP Configuration item from the Settings menu
    - then press “1” (1 Line 1 Settings) and insert the values of
your SIP account:

Enter Name, Authentication Name and Authentication Password for that line. Name and Authentication Name should match the Username entered in the Line Settings page of voip provider  and Authentication Password should match the Password field entered in the Line Settings page of voip provider.
1 Name = Telephone Number Assigned by voip provider

2 Shortname = name or number linked to the Line buttons of the telephone display (optional)
3 Authentication Name = Telephone Number Assigned by voip provider

4 Authentication Password = SIP account Password assigned by voip provider
5 Display Name = Your name and surname (optional)
6 Proxy Address =  proxy voip provider
7 Proxy Port =
assigned by voip provider

5-Insert your SIP parameters assigned by voip provider
     - Settings menu--->SIP Configuration--->
change the following SIP option:

Preferred Code =....,Out of Band DTMF = ....,Register with Proxy = YES,Register Expires = 180,Enable VAD = NO,VoIP Control Port =....,NAT Enable = YES,NAT Address =IP public address.
Now save the new configuration by pressing the “Softkey Save”.
6-make the configuration of the telephone  blocked.
 Settings menu--->Lock Config-->Confirm by pressing the “Softkey Select

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Андроид Новости on May 25, 2012 at 7:59 AM said...

Why does it works with NAT = YES, and don't work if it's switched off..

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