1-Set up your voice messaging system on your 7960 voip phone
Step1- Access the  VOICE MAIL system by pressing the Messages function key on your 7960 voip phone

 Step2-Enter 4-DIGIT PASSWORD, Then the Pound key (#)
 Step3-Press 1to record your No Answer Greeting
Listed below are the 5 types of “Greetings” that you may setup.
             1-Standard       4- Close
             2-Alternate      5- Busy
             3- Internal
The currently set voice greeting will play automatically if you have already recorded and setup a voice greeting. You will be prompted to select the task you wish to do

Step4- Press the appropriate number and or asterisk to select the task that you wish to perform.
   #1     Record/Re-record Voice Greeting
   #2    Turn on Alternate Voice Greeting
   #3    Edit Other Greetings
   #4    Play All Greetings
   #0    Access Help

Step5-Press # to return to the main menu.
2-1-Accessing Voicemail
The red light on your Handset lights up when you have a voicemail message and the LCD displays the number of messages you have received.
     2-Enter your passcode when requested.
     3-To hear your messages

2-2 Checking Voicemail from an Outside Line
    1-Dial your own office telephone number and wait for the
voice mail system to answer 


   3-At the “Enter Your ID Number” prompt, enter your 4-digit phone number
  4- To hear your messages

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