How To Make And receive Free International Calls from Gmail

To make a free international call from Google mail you just need to install a plugin . With that installed you’ll be able to make  calls from Gmail to real (voice) phones in the US and Canada for free. You can do international calls as well, but you have to pay for those:
1-First  open your Gmail account

 2-go to “Chat” option on the left side of your Gmail screen. The tab contains a green phone symbol that says “Call phone”.

3-click on “Call phone” tab at the top of your chat list, A box will appear telling you about the service that US/Canada calls are free in 2010.

4-click on “Accept”,Then, look for the call box on the page

5-enter either a phone number or the name of a contact by using the dial pad then press the blue “Call” button at the base of the dial box
How about receiving international calls? To receive international phone calls in Gmail,you need a Google Voice account,If you already have a Google Voice account, it must use the same username as the Gmail account you wish to receive calls in. If you aren't a Google Voice user yet, you can upgrade for free if you are in the United States.

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