Security Considerations and Tips For Voip PBX

PBX (private branch exchange) a private telephone network used within an enterprise. Most companies use a PBX because it's much less expensive than connecting an external telephone line to every telephone in the organization. in addition,  Inside a PBX, you only need to dial three-digit or four-digit numbers to make a call to another phone in the network,But many companies are unaware of the security risk posed by unsecured PBX.The threats to PBX phone system are many.Almost all will fall into one of the following types: -Theft of Service
- Disclosure of Information
- Unauthorized Access 
- Denial of Service
Listed below are tips you can use right now to protect your business:
1)-change default codes/passwords
2)-passwords should be changed regularly
3)-Eliminate the possibility of accessing an outside line from the outside through
4)-block outgoing international calling, 900, 976, 950 ,809 and 411 calling capabilities.If they were not needed 
5)-limit the number of employees who are authorized to use remote access
6)-Analyze call detail activity daily .
7)-Do not allow unlimited attempts to enter system. Program PBX to terminate access after third invalid attempt.
8)-Restrict 1+ dialing to extent possible.

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