Wireless VoIP Security Tips

Security is a huge concern for anyone setting up a VoIP  WiFi network, as anyone who is close enough to the hotspot can break into your system and access the information.you don't want someone eavesdropping on your Wi-Fi phone conversation via VoIP, Therefore it is important that suitable security measures are adopted along with setting up a voip  .
Still there are steps users can take to protect themselves. Here's a  list of enterprise WiFi VOIP security issues, and some ways to guard against them:
1)-Change the router’s default name and password

This is the most fundamental step,intruders can easily find out the default name and password of the manufacturer 
2)-Choose a Wi-Fi VoIP phone that is integrated with security features, such as encryption and privacy software. It may be more expensive than standard Wi-Fi VoIP phones, but it will be worth it.
3)-Use wireless data encryptions:
Take Advantage of Encryption and Authentication WPA, WPA2 and IEEE 802.11i all offer built-in advanced encryption/authentication technologies that can help secure a wireless VoIP system,It has been found that WEP is relatively easy to crack however some protection is still better than none at all. WPA and its more recent version WPA2 are safer bets, as they require all the devices including the source as well as the clients be set to its code.Encryption devices are widely available today. These kinds of devices are also available in Wi-Fi technology. You should try and get these encryption devices to secure your Wi-Fi connection .
4)-Check router logs regularly for unauthorized users:
Wi-Fi gateways usually show the MAC addresses of current users on a status screen. Many gateways can also keep a log of the users. Scout around regularly for anything that looks suspicious.

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