How to locate your PAP2 SPA 3102 PAP2T NA ip Address & access the setup web page

The Linksys Phone Adapter  has a built-in web-based setup page that allows the user to configure up to phone line. To set up the VoIP settings, you need to obtain your VoIP account settings from your VoIP provider like the phone number, password and proxy address so you can enter these credentials on the setup page of the PAP2, PAP2T NA ,SPA 3102 ATA . to access the  Linksys Phone Adapter  setup page you need  "IP address".To obtain This  IP address , proceed with the following steps: 1-Connect an analogue phone to the Linksys PAP2 or PAP2T NA  or  the Linksys SPA 3102 "phone" port

2-Using the analogue phone:
     press "****" and after the greeting message press 110#  , You will now hear a message giving you the IP address of of the adapter such as  "".

3- From the internet browser address window, type in the IP address

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