How To Reset Linksys spa 3102 Voip To Factory Default

1-Remove the Ethernet cable and the PSTN line cable (just the power and the phone connected)
2-Dial **** on the handset connected into the SPA-3102

3-You should hear a message asking you to enter your selection "Linksys Configuration Menu" 
4.Dial 73738# 
5-Then press key 1 to confirm (OK) 
6-Your SPA-3102 has now been reset ,This will restore your unit back to factory defaults
WARNING: all your information will be lost.

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Anonymous said...

If you need to find the ip address of your spa-3102,
Step 1: Connect the power cable to your SPA-3102
Step 2: Connect the network cable from your SPA-3102 to your DHCP enabled modem/router OR
Connect the network cable from your modem to the SPA-3102 WAN port and connect your
PC via Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the SPA-3102.
Step 3: Connect an analogue phone to the “Phone” port in the SPA-3102.
Step 4: Turn the power on
Step 5: Pick up the phone and dial **** (You should hear a voice saying Linksys Configuration Menu) Step 6: Dial 110# (Write down the IP address that is returned)
Step 8: Dial 7932#, then dial 1# to enable the web server, then press 1 to save..
Step 9 :Hang up

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