How To Upgrade Firmware linksys spa 3102

To upgrade the firmware in your SPA-3102 first  download the latest firmware,   unzip it and run the exe file provided.

1- download the firmware from Cisco SPA3102 Voice Gateway with Router
2-double-click the executable file in order to upgrade the firmware 

3-enter the IP address of your SPA into the spaces provided ,Click on the OK button to begin, so the program can find your SPA-3102. 
NOTE:Make sure the PSTN line is not connected on the FXO port of the SPA3102 while you dial ****110#.
4-After Click on the OK button you will be shown a confirmation screen
5-Click on the Upgrade button to begin the upgrade procedure,Once it successfully finds the SPA3102, a window appears that confirms the Firmware Upgrade is successful.NOW  reboot the unit and perform a test call.

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