Disable Or Enable Sip Alg on Zyxel 660 family

SIP ALG  is a security component,it is created in the same way as a proxy policy and offers similar configuration options ,SIP ALG commonly found in a router or firewall device Such as Zyxel,If you are using a Zyxel router and experiencing dropped calls, we recommend disabling the SIP ALG feature of the router.It could be disable by the following CLI command: >ip nat service sip active 0 <--use value 0 to diable 1 to enable. >

1- Open a Command Prompt window cmd.
 Navigate: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
2- type "telnet" or substitute the numbers for the numbers of YOUR Zyxel gateway.  It could be "telnet" or "telnet"  then press the Enter key.

3-Enter the router password then press the Enter key.
 Zyxel default password is 1234.
4-in the Menu option Type 24 then press the Enter key.

5-Type 8 then press the Enter key.

6-At the prompt type  > ip nat service sip active 0 then press the Enter key.

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Sergio Cotelo on January 16, 2013 at 3:30 AM said...

ip nat service sip active show
to see if it's enabled or not.

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