Cisco SPA 500 Series IP Phones 501G, 502G, 504G, 508G,509G manual Configuration Guide

The Cisco Small Business IP Phones are full-featured VoIP  phones that provide voice communication over an IP network. It is a device that provides normal telephony functionality, like call forwarding, redialing, speed dialing, transferring calls, conference calling and accessing voice mail ,placing and receiving calls, but uses an IP network connection for connectivity instead of a traditional phone network.  
1-Phone Components

Lines/Speed Dial Buttons
Indicates phone line status. (Not available on the Cisco
SPA 502G.)
When lit:
Green: Line is idle.
Red (steady): Line is active or in use.
Red (blinking) : Line is on hold.
Orange: Line is unregistered (cannot be used).
These keys can also be programmed to perform functions such as speed dial....
LCD screen
displays the date and time, your phone number, your line and call status, and the available softkeys, (Not available on the
Cisco SPA 501G.)
Messages Button
access voicemail system

Setup button

Press to access a menu to configure features and
preferences (such as your directory and speed dials),
access your call history, and set up functions (such as
call forwarding).

Softkey buttons

Press a softkey button to perform the action shown on
the label on the LCD screen above.
such as   Dials the last number called, Cancels an action,Conference and Transfers a call...
Handset Indicator
Push to turn the headset on or off. When the headset is
on, the button glows green.

2-Cisco  SPA 500 Softkey Buttons
cfwdforwards all calls coming to your phone to a specified number.
-cfwdClears call forwarding.
dnd Do Not Disturb; prevents incoming calls from ringing your phone.
-dnd Clears Do Not Disturb
ignoreIgnores an incoming call.
lcrDials the Last Call Received.
redialDisplays a list of recently dialed numbers.
unparkResumes a parked call.
xfer Performs a call transfer.
xferLxTransfers an active line on the phone to a called number.
pholdPuts a call on hold on an active shared line.
activActivates screen saver mode.
3-Using Keypad Shortcuts
When using the phone menus, you can use the keypad to enter the number shown next to the menu or sub-menu item on the LCD screen. (Not applicable to the Cisco SPA 501G.)

 4-Installing Cisco  SPA 500 ip phone
            1-  Connecting to the Network
 Connect your IP Phone to the corporate IP telephony network. Your phone will share a network connection with your computer.
            -Network Port : Use the network port to connect the phone to the network. You must use a straight-through cable on this port.           
           2- Connecting  Cisco  SPA 500 voip phone to Power
           3-Connect the handset and headset to their respective ports.

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