Configuring sip for CISCO SPA 501G,502G,504G,508G,509G,525G IP Phones

The Cisco SPA IP Phones use the following protocols:
1-• Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)—Cisco SPA 300 Series, Cisco SPA 500
Series, WIP310
•2- Cisco Smart Phone Control Protocol (SPCP)—Cisco SPA 300 Series, Cisco
SPA 500 Series
SIP settings for the Cisco SPA IP Phones are configured for the phone in general
and for individual extensions.The preferred method to configure  sip for Cisco SPA5xxG Phone is via Provisioning. You can however follow this guide to manually configure your phone.
1-Start up the phone and identify its IP Address
 a. On the phone, press Setup button.
   2. Scroll to Network and press select (on some phones, you may also press 9).
   3. Scroll to view Current IP. This is the IP address of your phone.

  b. use the phone’s IVR Configuration Menu:
   1. Pick up the handset and press the Setup button.
   2. Enter 110, then press #.
   3. The IP address is recited.

2-From the internet browser address window, type in the IP address
3-Click on the "Admin Login" link, and next click on the "Advanced" link at the top of the page .

 Click on the "Ext1" tab, and configure as follows:

4-Set the "Line Enable" field to "yes
5-In the "Proxy and Registration" section, 
set  "Proxy" field to the IP Address of the proxy PhoneSystem machine 

6-In the "Subscriber Information" section:

 - "Display Name" field to the name you want to appear on the Phone display
 - "User ID" field to the extension number you want to associate with this phone
 - "Password" field to the extension's Authentication Password
 - "Use Auth ID" field to "yes"
 - "Auth ID" field to the extension's Authentication ID
7- In the "Dial Plan" section, set the "Dial Plan" field to "[x*]." (without the quotes) 
8-Click on the "SIP" tab and, in the "RTP Parameters" section, set the "RTP Packet Size" field to "0.020"
9-Click the "Submit All Changes" button at the bottom of the page. Your phone will restart. After rebooting, the phone will register with the pbx sip Phone System

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