How Can I Test My FAX Machine Step By Step Tips

After buying and setting up a new fax machine, you want to test your fax machine by sending a fax from it and receiving a fax with it.Choose one of these methods to make sure your fax machine is working properly:
1-A lot of fax machines have a confirm mode on them that will print out a confirmation page confirming fax has been sucessfully sent
2-Ask a friend or family member to send you a fax to the new machine or  Send a fax to your friend and call to verify that they received it.

3-There are fax to internet or internet to fax services like:Fax Toy,Fax Zero
 -Fax Toy :Fax something interesting toll free to 1-888-877-1655 or 1-503-200-1300 When it’s finished transmitting, Within a minute, your fax should appear on the site,
-Fax Zero :This website is more like a free fax service instead of a free fax testing service website. this site lets you send faxes for free to anywhere in the United States and Canada. Within a few minutes, your fax machine should ring , you can still test your fax machine if it can receive fax messages.
-HP Fax Products (1-888-473-2963) : this website does both sending and receiving of faxes it Allows you to testing your HP Fax machine using the HP Fax Test Service.
-Interpage Network Services : This test service only test if you can receive a fax from them.
4-Use the fax to make a copy if the copy is bad the fax you send will be bad.

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