How To Send Fax From Your Cell Phone

In order to send a fax using your cell phone .your  phone needs to have a camera and email support If you can access to  your email account (not SMS service or MMS service) you can send a fax via your cell phone ,To send a fax using your cell phone  completes the following steps:

Step 1:  You must  sing up in Online fax service companies, such as eFax or MetroFax or MaxEmail ..

Step 2: Use the camera on your cell phone to take a picture of the document to be faxed.

Step 3: Create a new message, The process is exactly the same as you're sending out emails. The only different is that instead of email address,
 In the "To" field enter the destination Fax Number as"".

The destination fax number must include the Country Code + Area Code + Number

Step 4: Attach the fax document to your email message, as normal Attachment.
Step 5: press 'send' 

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