How To Use Fax Machine Step By Step Tips

One of the most common office procedures is sending a fax.With only a phone line you can transmit printed information from one fax machine to another, anywhere in the world. It is still the preferred method for sending signed documents.
Modern fax machines are relatively easy to use, compared to the large-cumbersome machines used before the 1980's. New fax machines are light and take up less office space.
Here are some basic instructions for sending and receiving a fax:

  Step1: turning the fax machine on and making sure it is connected securely to a telephone line.
  Step2: Get all of the papers you want to fax , and put them in the order you want them to be received. Put the pages into the fax machine with the cover sheet facing you.
 Step3:Dial the fax number to which you wish to send the document,Wait for  You will hear a sound like a computer modem
 Step4:press the button labeled either “fax” or “send”. Every fax machine is a little bit different the fax  machine will send the documents to the person you have dialed
Wait until all the pages have gone through and you receive confirmation.

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