Free Canada DID Number Provider 's List

VoIP DID numbers are usually used to decrease the cost of domestic and international phone calls, show local presence in different cities and countries, unite all overseas offices, attract more customers from local markets,For example, you get a free canada  DID number and forward incoming calls from it to your UK or USA landline or mobile number. The customers in canada will pay local rates for phone calls to DID phone numbers  and consider that you are located in  canada , i put the world's most comprehensive free  canada DID number  provider's list : 
 1.GrandCentral: offers a "one phone number for life" service. The free service enables users to control all aspects of their phone service. They can get a free phone did  number in most any area code across the canada or USA and link that number to a large number of phones.
2-TellFi is offering one year free virtual phone number for all users in Canada and you can get one, no matter where you are living. Visit the link and click on Sign Upi & Get Started button. Then, you just need to fill up a simple form with your own email address, password to manage afterwards.
It’s always easy to get a number with TellFi. Simply choose the number you’d like, and start receiving calls within minutes.Find the perfect number for your business. Search our extensive database of available numbers from virtually every area code. Or choose a toll-free number if that’s more your style.It's free to transfer your numbers
3.eVoice makes your decision making easy by providing a generous, if not an amazing 6 month free trial that includes all the useful features that of a paid service.eVoice standard features includes U.S. and Canada local numbers, Toll Free numbers, Having a toll free number from eVoice can give your business instant credibility because mostly only large established businesses offer them, and therefore customers will assume since you have one, that you too are successful. It's a great tool for a small business owner who may only have one or two virtual offices located around the country, and can now appear to be selling nationwide.
4-Tollfreeforwarding:Get Virtual Phone Numbers Canada With A Free Trial
With Virtual Phone Numbers Canada, your customers will be able to call you at no cost to them, and their calls can be routed to any of your existing phone lines, including cell phones, office phones, or PBX systems. You can manage all your call forwarding settings online, and access real-time call logs. There are never any contracts, and you can cancel anytime.

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