Free usa did number with GrandCentral (google voice)

VoIP DID numbers are usually used to decrease the cost of domestic and international phone calls, show local presence in different cities and countries, unite all overseas offices, attract more customers from local markets,For example, you buy USA DID number and forward incoming calls from it to your UK landline or mobile number. The customers will pay local rates for phone calls to DID phone numbers in their location and consider that you are located in the USA.

 Google has acquired GrandCentral  in 2007 and  renamed it Google Voice and launched Google Voice services to offer Google Talk as a VoIP service that would integrate with the free GrandCentral phone service. Google Voice is not a phone service, but it allows you to forward all your home, cell, and work calls to one numbe.

Google Voice (GrandCentral) offers a "one phone number for life" service. The free service enables users to control all aspects of their phone service. They can get a free phone number in most any area code across the US and link that number to a large number of phones. You can use your GrandCentral number to send and receive SMS messages, and have them forwarded to your current wireless phone. You can send messages from the mobile or from the phone, you can make  Free calls to all U.S. numbers. You can make also international calls but that will cost you, depending on the country you are dialing.  


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