How To Get an International DID Number

DID Number  are usually used to decrease the cost of domestic and international phone calls,you will be able to receive calls to our SoftPhone or on any SIP device or third party SIP application that you have configured to VoIP network.You're also able to forward your DID number to any regular phone.For example, you get an International DID Number  example: UK Virtual  Number   and forward incoming calls from it to your USA or canada  landline or mobile number. The customers in UK will pay local rates for phone calls to Virtual Number ( DID phone numbers)  and consider that you are located in  UK.

Benefits of international DID numbers
Your headquarters are in New York and you have offices in the United States, South America and Europe.
You wish to get rid of all the existing physical voice lines in your remote offices and you wish to centralize all European originated phone calls to your London office, and all US –and South America originated phone calls to your New York office.
2-Service providers
You have customers all over the world and need to provide them with a local phone numbers from their respective countries.
You cannot afford to wait several years before launching this service and need someone that can provide you instant access to phone numbers from as many countries as possible. You also need to support number portability such that your customers can keep their existing numbers when moving their telephony to your network.
3-Call conferencing providers
You provide call conferencing applications and you wish to provide your customers with dedicated local phone numbers worldwide in order to make the conference bridge reachable for the cost of a local phone call from as many countries as possible.
4-Call centers
You operate a call center based in India. Your customers are based in London and in Los Angeles and therefore you need phone numbers from London and from Los Angeles. You can get this number online  and  route the call directly to your call center using VoIP. You will only be charged a fixed monthly fee for this service, no matter how many minutes are passing through. Done with the high cost forwarding bills! If you are expecting a large surge of traffic you can increase your assigned capacity in a matter of minutes.
I put the world's most comprehensive  International DID Number (Virtual number)   provider's list : 

1-Voxbone offers International DID Numbers by leasing international VoIP virtual phone numbers and worldwide origination services to organizations in North and South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific regions.
2-With InPhonex, you are no longer tied to a phone number from your area code/location. Our phone service is available worldwide, and you can choose any international DID phone number or Virtual Number.  Choose a phone number in your local calling area or select a number from our list of international virtual numbers located across the world. 
3-With EIS Once you've assigned an international DID number to your calling account, you will be able to receive calls to our SoftPhone or on any SIP device or third party SIP application that you have configured to our VoIP network.If, for example, you have a New York DID number but are based in China, New York residents are able to call you at local rates from any landline or mobile phone.
4-CallMaster offers various plans for businesses and individuals.CallMaster  offer regulars World Wide Numbers that will  be forward to you anywhere in the world.

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