how to repair fax machine problems

A fax machine is an electronic device that scans a paper image and transmits it by modem to another fax machine . When the data is sent to the other machine it decodes the data , The encoded data is compressed before sending. At the receiving end it is decoded, uncompressed and reassembled into the scanned lines of the original document and then printed  .
 you can actually fix the problem yourself, without calling a repair man. Here are some tips.
When a function does not work, check here:
 I cannot make and receive calls:
- The power cord or telephone line cord is not
connected. Check the connections.
- If you used a splitter to connect the unit,
remove the splitter and connect the unit to the
wall jack directly. If the unit operates properly,
check the splitter.
The unit does not ring:
The ringer volume is turned OFF. Adjust it
I cannot receive documents:
-The telephone line cord is connected to the
EXT jack on the unit. Connect to the LINE
- When you have a single telephone line and
subscribe to a voice mail service, you must
also subscribe to a Distinctive Ring service

 I cannot receive documents automatically:
- The receiving mode is set to TEL mode. Set
to FAX ONLY mode by pressing {AUTO
- The time taken to answer the call is too long.

The printing quality is poor:
- The other party sent a faint document. Ask
them to send a clearer copy of the document.
- Some paper has instructions recommending
which side to print on. Try turning the paper
- You may have used paper with a cotton
and/or fiber content that is over 20%, such as
letterhead or resume paper.
- The remaining toner is low. Replace the toner
- We recommend you replace the drum unit
every fourth time you replace the toner
cartridge . To check the drum life
and quality, please print the printer test list.
- The toner save mode is ON .

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