How to Send a Fax Manually From Panasonic Fax Machine

 Panasonic fax machines are the cream of the crop in the fax industry. Panasonic laser fax machines or Panafax can be used for any small office, workgroup or very high volume office environment. You can trust Panasonic name for quality and  reliability that you expect from a fax machine for your business.
Here's How to Send a Fax  Manually  From  Panasonic Fax Machine
1- Adjust the width of the document guides (1)
to fit the actual size of the document.
2- Insert the document (up to 20 pages) FACE
DOWN until a single beep is heard and the
unit grasps the document.
- If the document guides are not adjusted
to fit the document, re-adjust them.
3- If necessary, press {RESOLUTION}
repeatedly to select the desired resolution.
4- Press {MONITOR}.
5- Dial the fax number.
6- When a fax tone is heard:
Press {FAX START}.
When the other party answers your call:
Lift the handset and ask them to press their
start button. When the fax tone is heard,
press {FAX START}.
- After pressing {FAX START}, you can
replace the handset.
To redial the last number

1- Press {REDIAL/PAUSE}.
2-Press {FAX START}.
- If the line is busy, the unit will automatically
redial the number.
- To cancel redialing, press {STOP}, then
press {SET}.
To send more than 20 pages at a time
Insert the first 20 pages of the document. Add
the other pages (up to 20 at a time) on top of the
previously inserted pages before the last page
feeds into the unit.
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