Top China Virtual Phone Number ( DID Number ) Service Providers

Now you can have telephone numbers DID Number  from Beijing, Shenzhen and GD, Hengshui and HEB, and Tianjin in China that can be directed to (ring-to) any phone in the world with no need for a landline.  You can buy your China Telephone Number DID Number  and have your calls forwarded to any other phone number, sip account,  you will be able to receive calls to  SoftPhone or on any SIP device or third party SIP application that you have configured to VoIP network, worldwide. 
I put the world's most comprehensive  China  DID Number (Virtual number)   provider's list
1-China DID phone numbers are available  at Select China to find available areas and monthly cost.Virtual phone numbers are convenient for both you and your callers. Your virtual phone from China number will be a local number, so no matter where you or your office is located, you can be accessible at local call rates. 
2-Buy your China virtual phone number from and have it forwarded to any phone in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, UK, USA or else where in the world. Buy your VirtualGlobalPhone and go Global Being Local. Get your calls forwarded to your home, satellite office, home office, main office, a mobile number or even Instant messenger or Skype in your PC / mobile or SIP device. 
3-With To setup your virtual office in China with our Virtual PBX service in one day. You will have a real China phone number with rich function and have it forwarded to any phone in anywhere of the world. Your customers in China now call your China local number and you get the calls forwarded to your home, satellite office, home office, main office, a mobile number, etc.
4-Continent Telecom provides virtual office service in china . It allows you to decrease the costs of office rental and staff significantly and to save company phone number after you change address.
-Virtual office in china solution includes:
call forwarding to landline and mobile phone numbers, Skype and SIP
faxes to e-mail (virtual fax)
voice mail
conversations recording
black and white contact lists
assigning internal numbers

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