Top Free FAX To Email Online Services

Free Fax to Email enables you to receive faxes in your email inbox.
this means :-no more waiting for the fax machine to  ring or having to replace expensive ink cartridges and fax roll.
 -Fax to Email gives you the freedom and flexibility to read, share, and print faxes at your convenience.
-saving you paper, time, and money. You don't need a fax machine.
-No long distance charges.

To Receive  Fax By Email 
 1-Sign up in free  fax to email service trial such as FaxDigits or efax ,you can get a free  fax number
 2-Your faxes are delivered as a PDF file to your email inbox
 Below are some of the free fax to email  online services:
1-With eFax, receiving a fax is as easy as opening email. You will receive an email with a PDF or TIF attachment to an email address you specify. You may also access your faxes by logging into your eFax account anytime from anywhere around the world.eFax has the largest available inventory of fax numbers: local or toll-free/freephone numbers are available in 3,500 cities across 46 countries. 100% mobile, you are free to keep your number for as long as you wish to maintain service.
Your 30 DAY FREE TRIAL Includes:
up to 130 Receiving faxes
up to 50  Sending faxes2
2-RapidFAX is a subscription-based Fax to Email / Email to Fax service offering individual and small business faxing. Send and receive faxes from your choice of either local fax numbers or toll-free fax numbers, with no extra charge for toll-free numbers like other services. Send faxes immediately after registration!,you can Try RapidFAX  for FREE for 30-Days.
 3-Nextiva has a 30 day free trial to test out their internet fax service. Nextiva  enables you to receive faxes in your email inbox,If you need a local fax number, Nextiva's internet fax service is a good product at an exceptional value
4-SRFax was launched in 2000 offering Internet fax service which enables users the convenience of email and the mobility of the Internet to make it easier for them to send and receive faxes from and to email .SRFax is a good option for people who need a toll-free fax number. Local numbers are available but are limited to about 65 U.S. cities and 40 Canadian cities,SRFax has really knowledgeable customer support and offers a 60 day free trial. 

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