Top UK Virtual Phone Number Service Providers

VoIP Virtual  Number (DID Number)  are usually used to decrease the cost of domestic and international phone calls, show local presence in different cities and countries, unite all overseas offices, attract more customers from local markets,For example, you get a  UK Virtual  Number (DID Number)   and forward incoming calls from it to your USA or canada  landline or mobile number. The customers in UK will pay local rates for phone calls to Virtual Number ( DID phone numbers)  and consider that you are located in  UK , i put the world's most comprehensive  UK Virtual number (DID number)  provider's list : 
1-Virtual UK phone numbers are also known as local numbers, Areacall numbers, Ghost Numbers and remote call forward numbers.

Local virtual numbers are mainly used by companies who want to advertise in an area of the UK where they do not have an office. The virtual numbers we supply simply get forwarded to your existing landline or mobile making you look local. Virtual Numbers are actually real phone numbers with smart and flexible features. Your incoming calls can be delivered instantaneously to one or several existing phones. You may choose to route calls to a landline, mobile, fax line, PBX, or any combination of these. Call-waiting and any other features available on your local phone will still be available with your virtual numbers. 

3-VOIPIVOIP you can add a local phone number from uk , and have your family, friends, or business associates call you dialing a local number. Whether you're across the country or across the globe, they can call you like you're right next door.
You can use this service living in any country in the world.

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