Top USA Virtual Phone Number Service Providers

VoIP Virtual  Number (DID Number)  are usually used to decrease the cost of domestic and international phone calls, show local presence in different cities and countries, unite all overseas offices, attract more customers from local markets,For example, you get a  USA Virtual  Number (DID Number)   and forward incoming calls from it to your UK or canada  landline or mobile number. The customers in USA  will pay local rates for phone calls to Virtual Number ( DID phone numbers)  and consider that you are located in  USA , i put the world's most comprehensive   USA Virtual number (DID number)  provider's list : 
1-VOIPIVOIP you can add a local phone number from usa , and have your family, friends, or business associates call you dialing a local number. Whether you're across the country or across the globe, they can call you like you're right next door.
You can use this service living in any country in the world. provides USA virtual phone numbers with no setup fees or long-term commitments. Your account will be active within 3 minutes. Then your callers can reach you anywhere in the world, at no cost to them. Forward calls dialed to your USA Phone Numbers to any of your existing phone lines, whether it’s a main office, PBX, or cell phone. Across the street or across the globe, customers can easily connect to your business—and you can boost your sales. You can buy USA virtual phone number from and have it forwarded to any phone in USA or around the world. You can be reachable to anyone, inmediately after buying, as long as you configure your settings through your jetnumbers webpanel, therefore you will have full control of your usa virtual phone number and services, add credit, change destination number, contact live support, and more. Get your calls forwarded to your family house, satellite office, home office, main office, mobile number. JetNumbers will keep you in communication no matter where your offices are and customers may be. 
4-Easy Office Phone  is offering our office VoIP solution throughout the United States. Each employee can choose to have calls forwarded to their cell phone, land line or use our business-class VoIP service and enjoy unlimited long distance in the USA & Canada. Use our complete office Voice-Over-IP solution to replace your existing telephone service. Virtual numbers are available from cities all over the U.S.
American VoIP incoming phone numbers in USA or Canada or nearly anywhere else in the world are available here at
you can have telephone numbers in the USA & Canada that can be directed to (ring-to) any phone in the world with no need for a landline. Our easy-to-use call forwarding service will deliver your calls to any telephone in the world at very low call rates.

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