the difference between the SPA-1001, PAP2, PAP2T, SPA2102, and SPA3102?

The difference between the SPA-1001, PAP2, PAP2T, SPA2102, .....and SPA3102:

1-The SPA-1001 has been discontinued and is replaced with the PAP2T.

2-The PAP2 has been discontinued and is replaced with the PAP2T.

3-The PAP2T is the latest model 2 FXS adapter from Linksys.

4-The SPA2000: Basic phone adapter that allows two POTS (POTS) phones or fax machines to be connected to an Ethernet network in order to make and receive telephone calls or faxes.

5-The SPA2100: Similar to the SPA2000 with the addition of an Ethernet Router. Functions of the built-in router include QoS.

 6-The SPA2102 is the latest model 2 FXS, router, adapter from Linksys.

7-The SPA3000: Has only one phone adapter port, but can be used for POTS backup for strictly VoIP systems.

 8-The SPA3102: Similar to the SPA3000, but includes single LAN output that can be used to connect to a computer. This is handy if the user only has a modem and no router. The SPA3102 connects to the LAN socket on the modem. The computer, which is traditionally connected to the modem, now connects directly to the LAN connection on the SPA3102. The SPA3102, effectively, is an ATA and single output router in one box.

 9-The SPA9000: An IP PBX system that allows an Auto-Attendant configured, Hunt Groups, multiple IP phone extension, and POTS connectors. The SPA9000 also has basic router functions, port forwarding, QoS, and DTMF functionality.

10-The SPA901: A basic IP phone with only one line. Often referred as a warehouse or kitchen phone.

11-The SPA921: A single line phone with LCD display screen.

12-The SPA922: A single line phone with LCD display screen, but adds a single port built in switch.

13-The SPA941: The flagship of the SPA phones. It incorporates a 4-line IP phone and an LCD display.

14-The SPA942: Similar to the 941 aside from the additions of Power_over_Ethernet ability, back-lit screen, and a single port built-in switch.

15-The SPA962: Similar in appearance and functionality to the 941/942. Features a six line, 2-inch color screen.

-NA or -EU means that the device is not associated with a particular VoIP provider (unlocked). Devices without -NA or -EU usually have another -XX designation and are locked to a specific VoIP Provider.

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