how to Backup save/load SPA-3000 configurations Manually

To backup the SPA configuration  Manually 
 To save your configuration, log into your SPA-3000 web interface as admin. Change the view to advanced. Select the File "" Save As option from your web brower and save the configuration page to your PC's hard drive. Thats it! The file you have saved can be used to restore your configuration later (if something goes wrong) or can be sent to another user to assist in trouble shooting.

Now to restore settings that you have previously saved, you need to edit the configuration page that you saved to your PC's hard drive. To do this, find the page on your hard drive, right click on it and Open With "" Notepad. Now, do a search for the following line of code.

You need to change this line to read:
Where IP Address of Sipura is the IP address of your Sipura SPA-3000.
Now save the page, then load it up in your web browser, when you hit Submit Changes, your saved configuration will be loaded back into your SPA-3000.

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