how to Backup save/load SPA-3000 configurations using System Tray Utility

One of the good things about purchasing a SPA-3000 is that SunHillCopper from Whirlpool Forum has developed a utility for the PC that extends access and understanding of the SPA-3000. You can download the latest version of this tool at If not available download sipura3000_monitor (version 02-2007).
The main features of Sipura 3000 System Tray Utility are:
  1-It sits in the system tray and gives a visual indication of the registration state of Line 1 and the PSTN. If these are not registered then you can not reliably make and receive VoIP Calls.
  2-If Line 1 or PSTN are off hook then it indicates that visually.
  3-It monitors the inbound and outbound calls and captures and records the last status information including jitter, packet loss and error data.
  4-It can be used to save multiple back ups of your SPA configuration settings, and then later restore from any one.
  5-It can compare 2 different configuration setting files and advise you of what is different. Its free for non commercial use. 
This image shows the main screen providing you information about the state of the SPA-3000, the last calls made etc.

This image shows how the configuration settings can be saved and reviewed. The section at the bottom of the screen allows you to easily cut and paste your configuration settings so you can email them to others when in need of help

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