Asterisk command line argument

Like most Linux applications, Asterisk has several command line options. These are tpyically preceeded by a “-”, and several options may be specified in a row after a single “-”. For example:

#asterisk -vvvcgc

 Enables console mode. If console mode is enabled, Asterisk will provide a command line that can be used to issue commands and view the state of the system. Implies -f as well

Executes Asterisk with a different configuration file.
Enables extra debugging across all modules.
Prevents Asterisk from daemonizing into the background.
Forces Asterisk to dump core in the unlikely event of a segmentation violation.
Displays basic command line help.
Forces Asterisk to prompt for cryptographic initialization passcodes at startup.
Disables ANSI color support.
 Run with a real-time priority
Run in quiet mode
 Connects to an already running instance of Asterisk  
Causes asterisk to produce more verbose output. More -v's mean more verbose.
Executes a command in Asterisk


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