CallManager Attendant Configuration Cisco VOIP Phone Command

1. In CallManager, go to Application-->Install Plugins-->Cisco Callmanager Attendant Console and
install the application.
2. From Cisco CallManager Administration, choose User --> Add a New User.
3. In the First Name and Last Name fields, enter ac.
4. In the User ID field, enter ac.
5. In the User Password field and the Confirm Password field, enter 12345.
6. Enter a PIN and telephone number.
7. Check the Enable CTI Application Use check box and click Insert.
8. Associate the devices by performing the procedure in Associating Devices. Phone lines for
associated devices become available for the attendants.
9. Check the Enable Call Park Retrieval Allowed check box for ac user.
10. Add yourself as a user in: Service-->Cisco CM Attendant Console-->Cisco CM Attendant
Console User.
11. Start up the Cisco CallManager Attendant Console.
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