Can I build a VoIP sever by myself?

Yes you can build a VoIP server by   yourself. You will need some knowledge   about the Internet and PBX technology in   general to set up your own VoIP server. 
There are many software PBX systems on the market running on everything from UNIX to Windows. Most of these software   packages are commercial packages licensed  based on the number of users and/or the  feature set that you require.  
As an alternative to these commercial software systems you can consider Asterisk, which   has become something of a phenomenon in  the VoIP community. Asterisk is a complete  software VoIP PBX designed to run on  Linux and provide all the features that one  would expect from a traditional PBX plus    some you may have never even thought   about. 
Asterisk supports VoIP in three    protocols and can interoperate with almost   any standards-based telephony equipment  using relatively inexpensive hardware.  Asterisk provides Voicemail services complete with a directory, Interactive Voice  Response menus, conferencing and call  queuing (ACD) and the more mundane services such as: caller ID and ADSI.
Asterisk has complete support for SIP and H.323 (the most common VoIP protocols) as oth a client and a gateway.
       Asterisk was originally written by Mark   Spencer of Digium, Inc. Since the project  began more code has been contributed by  the open source community from people  around the world. Continual testing and    good Samaritan bug fixes have kept the project going and growing by leaps and   bounds. If you have access to a PC running some  flavor of the Linux operating system you   can try downloading the Asterisk source    code from and give it a  go. Asterisk does not require anything more   than a PC to function in a pure VoIP  environment however, for interconnection    with digital or analog telephony equipment  you will require some additional equipment.
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