configuration Asterisk voicemail.conf file

The voicemail.conf file configures system wide parameters for the voicemail system, and stores mailbox information including mailbox number to passcode mapping, box owner names, and e-mail addresses for message received notification
The voicemail.conf file is arranged in two sections. The first section, general, contains system wide parameters such as the formats messages are to be stored in and the address e-mail from the
voicemail system should appear to originate from. The second section, default, contains the configurations for individual voicemail boxes.
The general section takes these keywords and options:
format: Format sets the file formats for saving voicemails. If multiple formats are specified, all formats will be written, and the best available format will be used for playback. The format listed last is used for e-mailing voicemails, if that options is enabled.
serveremail: Serveremail sets the e-mail address that voicemail-waiting e-mails should appear to originate from. This value will be used in the 'From:' field of the e-mail. Available options are any alphanumeric string, or any alphanumeric
append: Append set whether to append the voicemail sound file as an attachment to the notification e-mail. Takes an argument of yes or no.
maxmesssage: Sets the maximum length for a voicemail message in seconds. This option can be useful for keeping people from leaving too lengthy of messages.
maxgreet: Sets the maximum length in seconds of the greeting that a user can record for their busy, unavailable, and name messages.
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