Configuring Polycom SoundPoint IP300 SIP Phone

1. Connect the power cable to the Polycom IP phone (hereafter referred to as phone), the LAN
cable and the handset/headset to the respective sockets. Wait until the phone reboots.
2. Press Setup and give the administrator password as 456 and press OK
3. If you don’t want DHCP , to disable it, select EDIT and then use 
on the right side menu to choose disabled and press OK. Proceed to the next
step to enter the IP address. If DHCP is enabled, leave the default settings in the DHCP
menu and proceed to Step 6 (Gateway IP Address).
4. Enter the IP address ( if DHCP was disabled ) Press EDIT and first octet is highlighted
[ For Eg: if the IP is then type 10 and press the 
and fill in 10 etc till
the IP address is filled completely OK
5. Enter the subnet mask ( For eg: in a similar fashion as above press OK
6. Enter the IP of the Gateway( For Eg : ) Enter the IP gateway in a similar fashion
press OK
7. Ignore the Server type setting press 
8. Ignore the SNTP address press

9. Ignore the GMT offset press

10. Enter the DNS server (for eg: enter this as done for IP address) press OK
11. Ignore DNS Alternate Server press 

12. In DNS Domain type for example To type in lower case, continue
to use the keypad. To enter Uppercase letters, press a->1A twice to get the display to show
A-> a1 and type using the keypad.
13. Leave CDP disabled press

14. Ignore VLAN ID Press EXIT
15. The Display will show EXIT Option ..the first choice being EXIT without SAVE choose
the second option SAVE and REBOOT by depressing the 

[ The other choices
can be selected by depressing the    

and press the SELECT key. Set the option
to SAVE and REBOOT and press the SELECT key. The phone will update the settings
depending on the choice and will REBOOT
16. It will display “ cannot contact boot server and booting with existing conf and will start
loading the Application and the phone will boot up to the existing setup and
Congratulations ! you can make calls.
The volume settings can be changed by pressing the + or the – key at the bottom of the keypad
In order to dial an IP address , lift the handset and press the button under Name and dial the IP
using the * key for the . and # key for the @ symbol (incase of a SIP ID)

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