Configuring Router-Based TFTP Services for IP Phone Firmware Files in Cisco Call Manager Express

Cisco Call Manager Express (CCME) is Cisco’s VoIP offering for small businesses and branch offices. Although limited to 250 extensions, most modern Cisco routers are able to run Call Manager Express without any extra hardware or licenses. In this lab,you will create a basic CCME voice network and  learn10 Step to configure Cisco Call Manager Express
5- Configuring Router-Based TFTP Services for IP Phone Firmware Files  

 CME_Voice# configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z
CME_Voice(config)# tftp-server flash:/phone/7940-7960/P00308000500.bin alias P00308000500.bin
CME_Voice(config)# tftp-server flash:/phone/7940-7960/P00308000500.loads alias P00308000500.loads
CME_Voice(config)# tftp-server flash:/phone/7940-7960/P00308000500.sb2 alias P00308000500.sb2
CME_Voice(config)# tftp-server flash:/phone/7940-7960/P00308000500.sbn alias P00308000500.sbn

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