Difficulties in Implementing SIP Trunking Quality of Service

While the Internet is a best-effort service, PSTN servic- es provide guaranteed delivery of traffic. So a major concern for many SIP-trunking adopters is whether SIP trunking can deliver voice quality comparable with that offered by the legacy PSTN. It is important to have a mechanism that marks voice-over-IP traffic so that voice calls can be differentiated from data traffic. Thus marked, the Service Provider network can give VoIP traffic priority treatment that addresses delay, jitter and packet loss considerations in accordance with the requirements of telephony.

In addition, to avoid overbooking that degrades call quality there must be a method which supervises the
number of concurrent calls traversing the network at any given time.
Finally, the edge device on the customer premise should provide mechanisms  that throttle downstream surges in data traffic to ensure ade-quate bandwidth is always available to support clear,high-quality voice.
Enterprise Class Features
As Enterprises embrace SIP trunking as an IP enabled service, they will expect the same enterprise-class fea-tures they already receive from other IP-enabled servic-es. Such features include, support for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), voice encryption, high availability,full-featured IP routing with IP link redundancy, PSTN fallback for voice and data traffic, system survivability for business continuity.

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