Information SIP Trunking Security Difficulties in Implementing SIP Trunking

Since SIP trunking is an IP-based service, it is subject to the same concerns that plague IP data traffic. These include eavesdropping, denial of service (DOS) attacks etc.
When considering information security, it is important not only to prevent attacks, the security solution must also to provide certain related functions, such as:

a. Hiding the internal network topology from the out-side world.
b. Preventing malicious traffic from stealing valuable bandwidth and network resources.
c. Protecting against interception and eavesdropping,without introducing latency, jitter, or delay.

Firewalls typically provide security by employing net-work address translation (NAT) to hide the internal pri-vate network from external users and devices connect-ed to the public network. However there is an inherent problem in the way a typical firewall functions.
The security and NAT functions typically operate at the network and transport layers of the OSI model. Because the SIP protocol works at the application layer, if the fire-wall is not SIP aware, it will block SIP signaling mes-sages. So SIP won’t work with the firewall. This impedi-ment creates a huge conundrum for enterprises: whether to implement a secure firewall that breaks the SIP serv-
ice or implement SIP trunking without the security of a firewall. Later in this paper we will examine two
approaches that address the firewall issue.
Encryption. Most VoIP gateways compromise infor- mation security by transporting VoIP and data traffic  over public networks without encryption. For organi-zations that handle sensitive data—notably banks and    financial institutions, as well as military and certain  government agencies—weak security has made VoIP  deployment a non-starter. For many businesses the  VoIP system must offer a mechanism for providing  voice encryption that prevents snooping, even if the    traffic is intercepted as it traverses the Internet. All  data, voice and VoIP must be kept from prying eyes   and ears while ensuring that all communications came    from the trusted source. 

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