Installing Asterisk Alternative make Arguments clean update upgrade mpg12 config

There are several other make arguments that you can pass at compile time. While some of these will be discussed here, the remainder are used internally within the file and really have no bearing or use for the end user. Let’s take a look at some useful make arguments.
1-make clean
The make clean command is used to remove the compiled binaries from within the source directory. This command should be run before you attempt to recompile or, if space is an issue, if you would like to clean up the files.

2-make update
This command is used to update the existing code from the Digium CVS server. If you
downloaded the source code from the FTP server, you will receive an error stating so.
3-make upgrade
If you run the make install command to install Asterisk after using the make update command to update from CVS, the .version file will not be updated. If you do not want to manually delete the .version file before running make and make install, you can use the make upgrade command instead.

4-make webvmail
The Asterisk Web Voicemail script is used to give a graphical interface to your voice-mail account, allowing you to manage and interact with your voicemail remotely from a web browser.
When you run the make webvmail command, the Asterisk Web Voicemail script will be placed into the cgi-bin/ directory of your HTTP daemon. If you have specific poli-cies with respect to security, be aware that it uses a setuid root Perl script. This command will install only on a Red Hat or Fedora box, as other distributions may have different paths to their cgi-bin/ directories.

5-make progdocs
This command will create documentation using the doxygen software from com-ments placed within the source code by the developers. You must have the appropri-ate doxygen software installed on your system in order for this to work. Note that doxygen assumes that the source code is well documented, which, sadly, is not always the case.

6-make mpg123
Asterisk uses the mpg123 program to stream MP3s during the use of Music on Hold (MoH). Because Asterisk only works with mpg123 v0.59r, this shortcut will determine if the correct version of mpg123 is installed on your system and, if not, will attempt to download, extract, and compile it for you. Be aware that newer versions will not work,and some distributions even symbolically link mpg321 and mpg123, which are entirely different programs. If you run the make install command after running this com-mand, Asterisk will detect the directory and install it for you as well.

7-make config
The make config command will install Red Hat–style initialization scripts, if the /etc/ rc.d/init.d or /etc/init.d directories are found to exist. If they do exist, the scripts are installed with file permissions equal to 755. If the script detects that /etc/rc.d/init.d/ exists, the chkconfig --add asterisk command will also be run to cause Asterisk to be started automatically at boot time. This is not the case, however, with distribu- tions that only use the /etc/init.d/ directory. Running make config will not do any- thing to an already running Asterisk process, or start one if it’s not running.
This script currently is only really useful on a Red Hat–based system, although ini-tialization scripts are available for other distributions (such as Gentoo, Mandrake,and Slackware) in the ./contrib./init.d/ directory of your Asterisk source directory.
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