Installing Asterisk Compiling libpri and Compiling Asterisk

Compiling and installing  libpri ,libpri is used by various makers of Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) hardware,but even if you don’t have the hardware installed it is safe to compile and install this library. You must compile and install libpri before Asterisk, as it will be detected and used when Asterisk is compiled. Here are the commands (replace version with your version of libpri):

      # cd /usr/src/libpri-version
      # make clean
      # make
      # make install

 Once you’ve compiled and installed the zaptel and libpri packages (if you need them),you can move on to Asterisk. Asterisk is compiled with gcc through the use of the GNU make program. Unlike many other programs, there is no need to run a configuration script for Asterisk. To
get started compiling Asterisk, simply run the following commands (replace version
with your version of Asterisk):

     # cd /usr/src/asterisk-version
     # make clean
     # make
     # make install
     # make samples

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