Installing Asterisk Compiling Zaptel

1- Compiling Zaptel

The Zaptel interface is a kernel loadable module that presents an abstraction layerbetween the hardware drivers and the Zapata module in Asterisk. It is this concept that allows the device drivers to be modified without any changes being made to the Asterisk source itself. The device drivers are used to communicate with the hard-ware directly and to pass the information between Zaptel and the hardware.
Compiling the Zapata telephony drivers for use with your Digium hardware is straightforward—simply run make for either the 2.4 or 2.6 Linux kernels Use these commands to compile Zap-tel :
# cd /usr/src/zaptel-version
# make clean
# make
# make install
# make config
• Also installs some tools:
  •  ztcfg - reads config in /etc/zaptel.conf to configure hardware
  •  zttool - for monitoring installed hardware
  •  ztmonitor - for monitoring active channels
zconfig.h contains many zaptel compile-time options - echo   cancellation options, RAS options, etc.

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