Installing Asterisk Editing the Makefile Enabling GSM optimizations Disabling configuration file overwrites

At the top of the Makefile contained within the Asterisk source directory are several options for optimizing the compilation of Asterisk. You can enable GSM codec opti-mizations (with the use of MMX instructions), disable configuration file overwrites,add extra debugging information, change Asterisk’s installation and staging directo-ries, and modify which type of processor you are compiling for. While you may never edit or require any of these options, they are mentioned here for completeness.
1-Enabling GSM optimizations

Uncomment the following line in your Asterisk Makefile to enable GSM codec opti-mizations on x86 CPU architectures that support MMX instructions:

    #K6OPT = -DK6OPT

This includes newer Pentium processors, Pentium Pros, and the AMD K6 and K7 processors; however, you may not want to enable MMX support unless you have a true Intel processor, as problems have been reported with the MMX instructions on non-Intel processors.

2-Disabling configuration file overwrites

By default, Asterisk will overwrite your configuration files if you run make samples more than once. To change this behavior, change the y in the line below to n:

3-Enabling debug profiling information
Debug symbols allow you to do symbolic debugging. The profiling information (-pg) flag will produce a file when you run Asterisk that can be processed in order to obtain information about how long (relatively) Asterisk spends in each function. Use of the –pg flag is not recommended for a normal build, but it may be useful during development. To enable profiling information, replace the –g in the following line with –pg:

4-Specifying where to install Asterisk after compiling

You can change the directory where Asterisk is installed by specifying a path on the following line:
 5-Changing the staging directory
The staging directory is where Asterisk temporarily copies its files during the install process. You may want the files to be copied to a directory such as /tmp/asterisk/. If no staging directory is specified (the default), Asterisk will use the source directory. To specify a staging directory, enter the desired directory on this line:


6-Compiling on VIA motherboards

On VIA-based motherboards, you need to set the processor to i586. If Asterisk detects the processor as i686, you may get random core dumps. To force Asterisk to compile using i586, remove the comment from the following PROC line in the Make-file (line 81, at the time of this writing):

      # Pentium & VIA processors optimize
      # PROC=i586
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