Installing Asterisk What Packages Do I Need and Obtaining the Source Code

1-What Packages Do I Need?

Asterisk uses three main packages: the main Asterisk program (asterisk), the Zapata telephony drivers (zaptel), and the PRI libraries (libpri). If you plan on a pure VoIP network, the only real requirement is the asterisk package.
• Asterisk uses three main packages:
  • asterisk
  • zaptel
  • libpri
• Compile Requirements:
  • GCC (version 3.x or later)
  • Kernel source
  • Kernel headers
  • bison
  • openssl, openssl-dev, libssl-dev
  • libnewt
2-Obtaining the Source Code
 The Asterisk source code can be obtained from the Digium FTP server, located at ftp:// The easiest way to obtain the stable release is through the use of the
program wget.Note that we will be making use of the /usr/src/ directory to extract and compile the Asterisk source. Also be aware that you will need root access to write files to the /usr/
src/ directory and to install Asterisk and its associated packages.
To obtain the latest stable source code via wget, enter the following commands on
the command line:
     # cd /usr/src/
     # wget -–passive-ftp*.tar.gz
     # wget -–passive-ftp*.tar.gz
     # wget -–passive-ftp*.tar.gz
     # wget -–passive-ftp*.tar.gz

3-Extracting the Source Code
  This is a simple process that can be achieved through the use of the following commands:
    # cd /usr/src/
    # tar zxvf zaptel-*.tar.gz
    # tar zxvf libpri-*.tar.gz
    # tar zxvf asterisk-*.tar.gz
    # tar zxvf asterisk-sounds*.tar.gz

These commands will extract the packages and source code to their respective directories.

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