The main threats for a VoIP-enabled business VoIP-SIP Security

The main threats for a VoIP-enabled business are:
    1- DoS (Denial of Service): Attacks that causes a service or a system to be unavailable to legitimate  users.
    2- Eavesdropping: These attacks allow a hacker to listen to the signalling and data traffic
      (conversations) on the network without the traffic being modified.
    3- Redirection : Attacks that redirect traffic through an exterior or compromised computer. A
      call may be redirected to an attacker, or allow the attacker to join a conversation (without the users being aware of him).
   4-Identity: Attacks that manipulate the identity feature of VoIP call (to usurp an identity,
      for instance).
   5- Theft of service: These attacks target paying services and allow the hacker to use them for  free (but often the business that hosts the service still gets billed).
   6- Unwanted contact:There are several cases in which communication can be considered as a form  of attack. SPAM (or SPIT as it’s called in VoIP communication) is an example  of unwanted communication.
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