MGCP and H.323 Tips Cisco VOIP Phone Command

• If you manually configure both MGCP and H.323 dial peers, be sure to configure the MGCP ones first if you are using the ccm-manager config auto-config feature.
• When changing the MGCP configuration, it is a good idea to reinitialize MGCP by issuing no mgcp and then mgcp.
• Use show ccm-manager to verify the gateway is registered with the correct Callmanager.
• Bind (source) all media and control traffic to a loopback interface when multiple paths exist:

           interface Loopback99
           ip address
           mgcp bind control source-interface Loopback99

• “Hairpinning” between VOIP dial peers can be done on newer IOS’s with:

voice service voip
allow-connections h323 to h323

The goal is to connect two VOIP dial peers, with no local POTS lines.

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