Nokia E65 SIP Configuration for PennyTel

1. Define an Access Point (AP)
Go to: Tools->Settings->Connection->Access points and enter AP info, it could be Wireless
LAN(WLAN) or General Packet Radio Service(GPRS).
For additional/advanced settings on setting up WLAN on Nokia E65 please visit
For GPRS settings, please consult your mobile operator
2. Define a SIP profile
Go to: Tools->Settings->Connection->SIP Settings, Select Options > Add New
Set Profile name to Pennytel
Set Service profile to IETF
Select your access point(AP)
Set Public user name to
Disable use of compression
Set Registration to yes.
Set Use security to NO
Proxy server - no configuration
o Registrar server address:
o Realm:
o User name:
o Password:
o Allow Loose Routing: Yes
o Transport type: Auto
o Port: 5060
3. Define Internet Telephony Settings
Go to Tools->Settings->Connection->Internet tel settings>Options>New Profile
Name: Pennytel
SIP Profiles: Pennytel
You should see two icons in the status bar (near the battery indicator), one consisting of 4 small squares
(representing the WiFi AP connection) and second one showing handset and the globe
For more advanced configuration

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