A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk is a direct connection from a client-side PABX to Orcon’s telephone network which carries multiple voice channels over a dedicated fibre, frame relay or Unbundled Network Service (UNS) connection. This connection is made entirely over a data network reducing infrastructure costs and ignoring the limitations of the old copper networks.
The HiQ8000 is New Zealand’s most advanced soft switch. This state of the art voice soft switch has enabled Orcon to launch its SIP Trunk service which is used to deliver voice traffic over a dedicated internet connection with the same call quality levels as traditional analogue and ISDN landlines.
Orcon’s SIP Trunk service is a cost effective alternative to a basic rate interface (BRI),or a primary rate interface (PRI). With SIP Trunks you can maximize your current bandwidth by combining both voice and data traffic in a single connection. Secure communication using Voice over IP (VOIP) over our network is an added advantage.
- SIP Trunks eliminate the need to purchase expensive BRI’s and PRI’s.
- Existing bandwidth can be used to support the voice traffic.
-Unlimited free local calling.
 -Access to competitive national, international and land to mobile toll rates.
 -Businesses may save at least 40-50% on their monthly bill by deploying a SIP Trunk connection.
- Total cost of operation (TCO) is reduced as SIP Trunks can be purchased one at a time depending on your requirements.
- Your bandwidth is maximized by combining the voice and data traffic on a single connection.
- High voice quality is maintained.
- Quality of service (QoS) is controlled and guaranteed over our network.

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