Setting up DIDForSale with TrixBoxPro

1.Download trixboxpro from
2.Install the software on your machine.
In my case my trixbox was on local network behind the router/firewall. Good thing about trixbox is that at the time of activation if detect that the trixbox server is behind the firewall.
My Router IP
When I login on trixbox 1st time, I see this screen.

Type the username IP and password IP
Before that I configured my server with static IP address
Once I login with usernameip and password ip, I see this screen

Press 11, “Set root password”. You should be comfortable in linux, don’t need to be expert. You will be fine as long as you know what you are doing.

Type the password that you can remember.
Then press Q to quit.
Being able to login as root, gives you more ability to learn and see things behind the curtains. Also gives you ability to debug things.Now we will login as root,
Now open a web browser and type the ipaddress os your server

Click on options==> voip==> and enter the information.
-Click on Add VoIP Account Now lets add the phone number

Extensions => Phone Numbers
Now Click on Extensions -> Phones 
Now Click on Extensions -> Add Extension
Select the phone number if you was the DID to ring on this extension.
Now in this notice the Inbound Phone number and Phone Devices. I selected the device and DID number we configured earlier. 
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