SIP Trunking Benefits for the Enterprise Enhanced Employee Productivity

a. Improved collaborative and conferenc- ing tools 
Initially, enterprises began adopting VoIP technolo- gy in SIP trunking applications as means of reduc- 
ing long distance bills. However, these technologies have evolved into a platform that enables such rich 
featured applications as Unified Communications, conferencing, and worker collaboration. With
teams working across the globe, SIP enables multi-media conferencing, which can be easily setup and
operated independently from the service provider.
In addition, SIP presence features allow users to be notified when the other party is online, ready and
available for interaction. SIP also supports such file-sharing and business applications as Microsoft
Office Suite on a single platform, enabling still high-er levels of collaboration.

b. Reduced mobile phone bills
With to remote voice connectivity via SIP, road war-riors no longer need to mount their monthly expens-
es by using their mobile phones when they are glo-betrotting. With Internet access universally avail-
able, road warriors can use SIP to be connected to all their phone numbers remotely. Furthermore, by
using presence, SIP allows a single number to be registered to a variety of devices, making staff
members available to their customers even when they are travelling.

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